Deb’s Cookbook

The Brief
Develop the creative direction, book design, production and print of this commemorative/fundraising cookbook, being mindful of budget.

The Design
We were delighted to be part of this project, envisaged by a group of Deb’s close friends. Deb passed away several years ago having battled ovarian cancer, and a cookbook was one of the fundraising initiatives the group had for the Ovarian Cancer Foundation. We worked closely with the team, suggested crowd funding to get costs for the book covered before production and helped select recipes from Deb, her friends and family. We worked through every part of the book design and development process with the group including a meticulously organised one day photo shoot.

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  • Client: Deb's Cookbook committee
  • Collaborator/s: Ursula Nairn and Jessica Shaver
  • Typeface: Foundry Wilson
  • Scope: Casebound, 128pp book with cloth cover and silver foil