Becky Chilcott

Founder and Principal

Founder and Principal Becky Chilcott brings over 20 years’ experience to her role at Chil3. Becky has worked as a designer with leading publishing houses, newspapers and designers in Australia and the UK, and has built an international reputation as a design art director for cultural events and festivals.

At Chil3 Becky combines her passion for the arts and education with exquisite typographic design skills to produce the beautiful books and publications which are the cornerstone of our work. She is an authority on typography and currently lectures both in Australia and abroad. A Fellow of the International Society of Typographic Designers (ISTD), Becky is also the society’s global Co-Chair and Australasian Coordinator.

See Becky’s LinkedIn profile.

See Becky’s ISTD profile

Betty Joy Richards

Junior Designer

A recent Graphic Design graduate from North Metropolitan Tafe, Betty is happy to have found the all-encompassing world of design and typography. Inspiration comes when she’s out and about – whether it’s large lettering on container ships in Fremantle Port, the festival and exhibition banners hanging in Perth’s Cultural Centre or the tidy type on a wine bottle – it all gets noticed and appreciated. Betty looks forward to broadening her design skills at Chil3, where she works on an array of studio projects.

Kristy Ford

Design Intern

A Graphic Design advanced diploma student at North Metropolitan Tafe. Kristy is excited to intern at Chil3 and is keen to learn and soak up all the knowledge and expertise from her mentor Becky Chilcott. She looks forward to improving and consolidating design and typography skills and applying these to studio projects. She has a keen interest in hand lettering and illustration.

Jan Purser

Studio Administrator

Jan manages our studio’s accounts and administration, and ensures that the Chil3 creative machinery is regulated with some rational calm. Jan is also a high-profile naturopathic nutritionist, health writer and award-winning author. She has run a successful practice for over 17 years and divides her time between Chil3 and the demands of her own business.

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Where appropriate, we collaborate with other dedicated professionals and have great pleasure in working alongside the following:

Kami Ramini – copywriter
James Brown – illustrator
Renee Calder – hand lettering
Peter Faulkner – brand builder
Keith Feltham – typesetter
Robert Frith – photographer
Genevieve Hawks – editor
Susan Hill – photographer
Craig Kinder – photographer
Michelle Leslie – designer/illustrator
David Levi – web developer
Ursula Nairn – food stylist
Annette O’Sullivan – letterpress designer
OM4 – web development
Jessica Shaver – photographer
Cam Sullivan – copywriter
Six Character Media – web development
Sumo – digital agency
Thomas Rowe – photographer
Jan Purser – food/nutrition editor
Petrina Tinslay – photographer

Others at Chil3

Over the years a number of people have contributed to projects at Chil3, whether permanent or freelance staff, or as interns. We gratefully acknowledge their contribution past, present and future, thank you:

Sarah Morrison
Ian Bird
Nakia Matthewson
Claire Gordon
Leah Dent
Tim Waters
Rochelle Smith
Marianne Durbin
Jane Tangney
Kirsten Richardson
Mick Barlow Stringer
Tim Ewers
Russel Goodman
Judy Moosmueller
Cathy Alexander
Ting Sia
Celeste Njoo
Luke Sweet
Juliette Dujardin
Alex Hwang
Euan Black
Kana Wald
Vicky Xu
Bradley Pinkerton
Friederike Melzian
Anna Sweet
Gabi Fountain
Isabel Kruger