Book design:
the craft of the printed word.

Book design is an intricate art. The pleasure of a well-designed book is equal parts information and emotion. It comes from the white space as well as the words, from the colours and images, the details, the weight of the pages and how it feels in your hands. The books and cookbooks we design are a reflection of this principle. Each is the product of fine analysis, industry-leading typographic expertise and a keen understanding of what makes a book beautiful.

From inspiration to publication.
Book publication is immersive and exciting; it’s the transformation of an idea into something tangible which can be explored and shared. Chil3 work with clients at any stage of this process, from nurturing the first spark of a brilliant concept to preparing an already completed manuscript for the printing press.

Chil3 develop a unique production strategy for every book and we offer the full range of book production and book design services.