Identity design:
the craft of an effective brand.

Brand design is more than a logo. As the first point of contact for most clients, your brand identity distinguishes you and makes a singular impression with your customer base. But it should also say something about your business. Chil3 build a visual language for your brand that reflects not only what you do, but how you do it and why. The resulting brand identity is emotive, honest and immediate; it connects with people on a personal level and it stays with them.

Building your identity.
Chil3 design brand identities for companies of any size and at any stage of development, from local start-ups to full corporate re-brands. A firm, comprehensive understanding of your business lies at the core of our brand design process. Every business has its own persona, its own values and its own goals. We work with you to develop a strong, authentic brand identity that sets you apart and consistently engages your customer base.

Our brand design services address every aspect of developing your business identity.