Event design:
the craft of invitation.

Poster design is an exercise in enticement. A poster is an invitation, a crucial first glimpse of something larger, and it needs to engage and inform at a glance. It’s a very concentrated piece of communication; every element must contribute something significant, and there is no latitude for anything superfluous.

Evoking your event.
Chil3 specialise in designing posters and promotional material for clients in culture and the arts. We have produced work for events and festivals in music, art, design, theatre, film, literature and fashion.

Each event is a unique proposition and requires a unique strategic approach. We ensure that critical information is accessible alongside the key features and exciting, evocative elements which will generate real public interest. Your poster is designed to attract attention and communicate clearly at a distance, and we address your marketing and social media strategies to maximise exposure. Most importantly, your design is crafted to reflect the style and identity of the event itself.

Chil3 manage the full range of poster and promotional design services.